A New Way of Working - Asynchronous Collaboration

Bijli enables asynchronous collaboration.

It’s a new way of working that doesn’t require constant attention & communication. It enables all stakeholders to get key updates and insights its the one place without needing to be “plugged-in” 24x7.

An artificially intelligent collaboration & insights tool

Bijli helps you make make BETTER Decisions & enables you to SAVE Time.

View team checkins, todos, updates / escalations & insights all in one place.

Desktop App. Mobile App. Slackbot and much more.

No more frustrated stakeholders. No more missed information. No more scattered data across multiple systems. Always stay updated.
01 Curated Feed.png

Curated Feed

View all your important information in one place. Always stay in the know!

Team View.png

Real-TIme Status

Understand what your team is working on actively & chat only when needed.

Post an Update

Quickly update, escalate, check-in, follow who you like & much more.

Real-Time Progress.png

Progress Visibility

Learn & update what you or your colleague have done quickly & easily.

Important Messages

A home for everything you need to respond to when you get a chance!

Reporting Metrics.png

Actionable Insights

Get insights that will enable super quick & timely decision making - all in real-time.

open API - Built for Integrations

Bijli is built with extendability in mind. Go ahead & build integrations that will enable teams to work better.

We have APIs to enable developers and teams to leverage the platform to pool in metrics & updates from 3rd-party platforms or tools easily.

Want beta access to our APIs? Contact us here