Hello & Our Meaning

We should all leave the world better than we found it. And here's our biggest attempt yet.

Bijli - What's In A Name?

Bijli - means 'electricity' in Hindi (an Indian Language). 

There are only a few things we need to live. Food, Water & Electricity being at the top of our list. Electricity is one of the direct contributors to countless inventions. We take it for granted but it powers everything we do. It's around us, enables us and supports us.

As we set-out on our journey to scale up our product (you can read our story here) - we wanted our name to explain our mission. And as we looked deeper - and looked around us - only a synonym or translation for electricity seemed to make sense. 

We looked at our own backyard and realised how important electricity is to India and the villages in India. We realised - we needed to have the same importance as we set out on our journey to revolutionise enterprise tech and how teams work.

If we do achieve our mission, we will - like electricity - power numerous inventions in the ever-changing, enterprise world.

Bijli - Will become the gateway & backbone for Enterprise Tech by 2023.

Your Organisation's Nervous System

We knew that our product would have to fight an uphill task. Getting incongruent data sets, giving a platform for these to display, connecting seemingly independent systems and encouraging teams to share meaningful updates & feedback is no simple task. 

When we looked inwards - we realised we had to do to an organisation what our nervous system does to our body. Our nervous system literally relays messages back and forth, sensory cues and powers actions between our brain and the rest of our body. It's impact allows us to make split-second decisions, life-changing relationships and keeps us happy. 

And that's where we got our tagline that gave meaning to our journey. 

Bijli - We will become your organisation's nervous system.

And With Our Name & Motto - we are literally ready for business. Hello - World!

- Bijli Team